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Major sports events – The reasons for hosting them
Aspects of the mental representation of the body in Italian male rugby players
The alleged causality between number of teams in a league and national team quality
Fighting doping through sport redesign
Il risarcimento del danno da lesione di interessi di derivazione sportiva: nota di commento a Tar lazio n. 11146/2016 e 1163/2017
The infiltration of the mafia organized crime in the football sports system
The competitive evolution of European top football – signs of danger
Uncertainty of outcome and rule changes in European handball
L’efficacia del lavoro multidisciplinare in ambito etnopsicologico
Uncertainty of outcome and financial inequality: Is the obvious not so obvious?
90 Years of Italian Penalties: Trends, Importance, VAR, and Adjusting the 12-Yard Mark
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